Back Page Football

Back Page Football was founded and launched in the summer of 2009 to provide a variance of football articles from a number of different people, be they young journalists or armchair fans.

The intent of the website is to provide articles on every aspect of football for your reading pleasure, to inform, to discuss and to ignite the one thing football has done since the beginning of time – debate.

This site is an open platform for anybody with an opinion or an interest in writing. We have an ever strengthening team of columnists who write for the site, and we welcome new writers all the time, be they potential journalists or folk who just enjoyed writing about the beautiful game. The site can be a stop gap to get a taste of the blogging world, or perhaps a chance for bloggers to promote their own site by writing for this site.

We cover a wide range of areas in football. The Premier League, unsurprisingly, is one that we give great focus on, from thoughts on clubs, players, fantasy football and a weekly preview and review of the action. We also cover Italian football passionately, while the Spanish league gets dedicated attention too. We also publish enjoyable round-ups and editorials from the 1. Bundesliga, a view from France, an update from the MLS in America as the Irish football scene, Scotland and more obscure regions such as the A-League down under, Eastern Europe and Portugal.

As well attention on leagues and nations, we regularly update the site with opinion pieces, lists and reviews of the latest young talent. We also like to talk tactics on the site, if you can’t get enough of the topic since its rise to prominence.


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